6 Casino Tips to Get the Odds in Your Favour

Professional gambling requires you to limit your temptation and understand the basic rules of gambling before you step into the real money gaming area. Even though most of the games inside the online gambling Malaysia allow minimum influence over them, there are still many ways a professional can bring the odds to their favor. Here we share some common casino tricks that will help you choose the right games to have the best winning odds possible.

Identify the rookies

One easy way to get easy wins as an intermediate is to find a clumsy opponent and just play your game. There are way more beginners and compulsive gamblers in the player games like poker than the pros. All you need is to pick a seat among the players who are not better than you. Although, the professionals usually get bored of playing with beginners and often prefer only the pros at the table.


Focus on rewards

You may get tempted by the great looks of a slot machine or want to play at the tables that have female plays. But, what you should actually be looking for are the rewards. Usually, casinos place beautiful dealers and cheerleaders around the tables that make the most profits for them. It is one easy way to avoid the temptation of looks and get better odds at the games that are shifted to the corners of the casino.

Know your limits

You should know that every game has a house edge. It means that if you keep playing a game continuously for long, you will end up losing all your money at some point. You may have a decent winning streak, but the tables can turn in the very next hand. The trick is to not be greedy at all and control your profits as much as you control your losses.

Exploit the laws of nature

If you are going to a brick and mortar casino, try looking for a mechanical slot if possible. The reels of the mechanical slots work through a mechanical construct inside, which can get rusted over time. This can make the machines “not-so-random” and can improve your chances of winning. This trick will not work on digital slots at all.

Play aggressive

Another way to win at the poker tables is to play your first few hands aggressively. It will make you a little extra money in the beginning, as the opponent will not expect such aggressive play all the time. Look for the tables where the opponents are being too careful and start playing a few pre-flop bets to make them lose their confidence even more.

Stay away from keno

Keno and slot machines are the real moneymakers for the casinos. They offer the worst odds possible to the players and have a very high house edge. Even though keno might attract you for the big rewards, it has a history of never offers 20 numbers on a 20-spot ticket. The odds of doing that are around 3.5 quintillions if unless you are not ready for it, do not play it.

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